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Early Simple Mechanics

Age 3+

With early simple mechanics for course focus, make students with colourful elements interesting and simple
models such as seesaw, rolling cars, gyroscopes, rafts, and so on. Can be observed and investigated by simple
mechanical - gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys - using early simple machinery.

Development focus: Explore energy, buoyancy, and balance.

Lesson Content
of Mechanics
Concept of Speech

​Summary of Children's Mechanical Enlightenment Course

Reference Video

Parent's Testimonial

6 May 2019 


I am very grateful to the teachers of STEMA Robot Coding Academy for teaching my son. It has been a year since my son participated in the STEMBOT course in June 2018.


From a child who had no knowledge of mechanical creation and principle structure at the beginning, to now become curious on motion design, such self learning is invaluable. Once again, I would like to thank all the tutors for their patience and guidance towards my son. I wish your academy full of peach and plum and more achievement.

Student Parent

18 May 2019


I am Marco's parent. Marco became the student of the academy for 8 months. My impression of the academy is that the curriculum is very innovative and the children are very curious and enjoy learning very much! It can also inspire the children, and develop their interest in technology, theory in a practical way! Hope Marco can grow with interest in technology learning!

Marco's mother

Lesson Photo
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